Webinar Handouts

Early Childhood

Active Learning

Active Learning Checklist

Active Supervision:  Creating a Culture of Safety and Security

Active Supervision Sentence Starters

What Does Active Supervison Look Like?

Active Supervision Self-Assessment

Quiz Sign-In Sheet

Anticipating and Responding Proactively


Am I Asking Too Many Questions?

Activity Sheet

Use of SOUL

Understanding Different Types of Questions

Make Room For Boys

Some Heavy Work Activities

R & T - Benefits

Alternatives to "Be Careful"

Embracing the Chaos of Big Body Play

Balance Beam

Bubble Wrap Bounce

Implementation Plan


Movement Throughout the Day

Open-ended questions

Let's Get Physical

Strategy Card - Self-Regulation


Refocus. Refresh. Restart. (Child focused)

Sentence Starters - Coronavirus Questions

Preschool Let's Play & Learn Germs - Eng

Preschool Let's Play & Learn Germs - Span

Sesame Street - Responding to Children's Questions

My Teacher Wants to Know - Eng

My Teacher Wants to Know - Span

Pandemic Family Infographic - Eng

Pandemic Family Infographic - Span

Feeling Faces Chart - Eng & Span

HighScope COVID Parents

Calm Down Poster - Eng

Calm Down Poster - Span

Greeting Board - Eng & Span

Refocus. Refresh. Restart. (Teacher focused)

Taking Care of Yourself

Reopening Child Care

Gratitude Scavenger Hunt

50 Ways to Take a Break


More Transition Chants

Fun Songs & Finger Play for Transitions & More

Key Principles for Supporting Children

What's In Your Backyard?

Children's Outside Book List

Expanding Children's Thinking and Learning Outside

Backyard Materials List


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