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Webinar Handouts

Early Childhood

Active Learning

Active Learning Checklist

Active Supervision:  Creating a Culture of Safety and Security

Active Supervision Sentence Starters

What Does Active Supervison Look Like?

Active Supervision Self-Assessment

Quiz Sign-In Sheet

Anticipating and Responding Proactively


Am I Asking Too Many Questions?

Activity Sheet

Use of SOUL

Understanding Different Types of Questions

Holding on and Letting go

Holding on and Letting go Reflection Questions

Toilet Learning and Bodily care Sentence Starters

I can't use my words, but I can problem solve!

Steps of conflict resolution

Conflict prompts

Problem solving statements

Conflict resolution ideas

Make Room For Boys

Some Heavy Work Activities

R & T - Benefits

Alternatives to "Be Careful"

Embracing the Chaos of Big Body Play

Balance Beam

Bubble Wrap Bounce

Implementation Plan


Movement Throughout the Day

Open-ended questions

Let's Get Physical

Strategy Card - Self-Regulation


Refocus. Refresh. Restart. (Child focused)

Sentence Starters - Coronavirus Questions

Preschool Let's Play & Learn Germs - Eng

Preschool Let's Play & Learn Germs - Span

Sesame Street - Responding to Children's Questions

My Teacher Wants to Know - Eng

My Teacher Wants to Know - Span

Pandemic Family Infographic - Eng

Pandemic Family Infographic - Span

Feeling Faces Chart - Eng & Span

HighScope COVID Parents

Calm Down Poster - Eng

Calm Down Poster - Span

Greeting Board - Eng & Span

Refocus. Refresh. Restart. (Teacher focused)

Taking Care of Yourself

Reopening Child Care

Gratitude Scavenger Hunt

50 Ways to Take a Break


More Transition Chants

Fun Songs & Finger Play for Transitions & More

Key Principles for Supporting Children

What's In Your Backyard?

Children's Outside Book List

Expanding Children's Thinking and Learning Outside

Backyard Materials List

What to Expect When You're Expecting 3's Series

Part 1: Active Learning Environments

Practical Ingredients of Active Learning for Young Preschoolers

Three Year Olds and Four Year Olds

Guidelines for Organizing Space and Materials

Some Heavy Work Activities

Embracing the Chaos of Big Body Play

Materials That Appeal to Children's Senses

Support For Children's Sensory Motor Learning

Gathering Materials to Support Plans

Learning Environments Implementation Plan

What to Expect When You're Expecting 3's Series

Part 2: Daily Routine

Guidelines for Organizing Daily Schedules

Guidelines for Successful transitions

Offering Choices

Friendly at School

Open Ended Questions Preschool

Conversation Starters Preschool

Work time Observations

Matching Planning/Recall Strategies to Individual Children

Group Times (A Summary)

Planning for Music and Movement Group Times

Strategies for Singing Songs and Doing Finger plays

Balance Beam

Bubble Wrap Bounce

Effective Group Times

Group times as Learning Times

Group Times Reflection Questions

What to Expect When You're Expecting 3's Series

Part 3: Supportive, Responsive Interactions

Forming Partnerships

Aspects of Temperaments

Alternatives to "Be Careful"

Seeing Children in a New light

Supporting Children's Intentions

Encouragement Can Look Like and Sound Like

Encouragements Preschool

Say What?

Shared Control and Self Control

Conflict Resolution AGREED

Problem Solving

Preventing Classroom Conflict

Social Emotional Reflective Checklist

Adult- Child Interaction Implementation Plan

K - 5
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