Our Team

If we had to describe our team

in 10 words, these might do it:

Passionate. Dedicated. Caring. Knowledgeable. Inspired. Focused. Committed. Creative. Energetic. Experienced.

We love our work, tenaciously tackle challenges, laugh often,
listen well, and celebrate quality improvement at any level every chance we get.

Collectively, we’ve worked in the early childhood field for over
250 years! We’ve all been trained in the HighScope curriculum and 4 of us (Ann, Beth, Chris and Stephanie H) are certified HighScope Trainers.

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Amy Heller, M.S.

Assessor extraordinaire, Amy brings a wealth of experience in early childhood teacher training and support to our team. Besides assessments, she trains and coaches and challenges us to think outside of the box. Amy@famconn.org


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Ann Rosen, M.A.T.

Ann is currently working with select South Bend Schools and the Empowerment Zone, providing support in Responsive Classroom training and implementation. Ann@famconn.org 


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Beth O’Connor, M.A., Co-Director

Beth is our infant/toddler and child development specialist. A trainer, coach, and assessor, she’s often focused on Head Start and Early Head Start. We so appreciate her ability to cite research off the top of her head. Beth@famconn.org


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Chris Mann, B.A.

Chris assesses, coaches, enters data, lends a hand wherever she is needed and helps keep everything running smoothly. Chris@famconn.org


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Stephanie Hooks, M.S., Co-Director

Stephanie is The Family Connection’s environment guru, making magical things happen in classrooms as well as our own office space. In addition to training, coaching, and assessments, she coordinates just about everything that we do. Stephanie@famconn.org


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Stephanie Wojtkowski, B.A.

Stephanie keeps us very organized! She enjoys working with ECAP directors and loves CLASS assessments. She does CLASS data entry and anything else that's needed—always with a smile. StephanieW@famconn.org


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Sue Christensen, M.S. Ed.

Sue focuses on data collection and analysis, writing, planning and budgets. She gets way too excited about bank reconciliations. Sue@famconn.org


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Our Extended Team


In addition to our Family Connection staff,

we have a number of wonderful, highly-qualified assessors, coaches

and/or trainers that we work with as needed throughout the year.