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Recorded Webinars

Though our preferred method of training is an in-person workshop, we stretched ourselves during this coronavirus time and have been hosting several webinars via zoom. The recordings are posted below.  As you engage with the webinars you will find a link to an evaluation and certificate. Your feedback is valuable to us, especially when learning and trying new things!  

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Children in Science Class


  • Adapting the Responsive Classroom Approach for E-Learning:   Responsive Classroom is a timeless pedagogy that will also see us through these current times.  In this two-part series, educators will learn ways to both build and develop a thriving learning community. 

Part One: focuses on setting up the community for success. Participants will be provided with practical ways to adapt and use Morning Meeting, Interactive Modeling, and Rules to support a community of online learners. 

Part Two: builds upon the community by providing ways to help develop skills needed in the learning environment. Participants will explore ways to adapt Energizers, Interactive Learning Structures, and use Academic Choice in the virtual classroom.

K - 5
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