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K - 5 Resources

This is an eclectic—and still evolving—collection of things we’ve developed as well as good articles and other resources we’ve found out in the universe.
We’ll continuously be adding to this section and welcome your suggestions and feedback.


  • e-learning pages

  • remote learning

  • morning meeting & closing circle

  • classroom management & discipline

  • engaging academics

  • positive climate

  • teacher language

  • interactive modeling

Online Learning.

e-learning pages

Simple pages filled with ideas to help implement Responsive Classroom practices while teaching virtually.

Child on Tablet

Remote Learning

A collection of resources and ideas to support teachers moving to remote learning.

1st 10 days Morning Meeting Guides:

Energizers for Virtual Learning! 

A handful of energizer ideas that work virtually - some old favorites with adaptations and others designed specifically for e-learning.

1st 6 Weeks of School - transitioning from elearning to in person learning

As we think about the 1st six weeks back to school, we want to be mindful of your changing classrooms and help you think through ways you can maintain some sense of normalcy. On each page you will find an overall Responsive Classroom structure, then a chart naming the impacts of COVID as well as things you can still do and ideas to make those happen.

Remote learning

Greetings & Activities - adapted for use with virtual and in-person teaching

As we push forward in our classrooms here are some Responsive Classroom adapted greetings and activities to fit your virtual/in-person needs now! As we continue to navigate this time together we can still find ways to meet the needs of our students. Enjoy!

Children Embracing in Circle

morning meeting & closing circle

Gathering as a whole class each morning to greet one another, share news, and warmup for the day. Also offer a peaceful end to the day with closing circle.

Teacher and Kids in Library

classroom management & discipline

Children in Science Class

engaging academics

Teacher and Student

positive climate


teacher language

Using words and tone to promote children's active learning and self-discipline.

Raising Hands

interactive modeling

Teaching children to notice and internalize expected behaviors through a unique modeling technique.

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