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Do we sound like a good match?

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We have an ever-growing extended team of independent contractors that help as they can and as we have work available.

We do multiple early childhood teacher assessments for teachers of infants and toddlers through grade five. (You can see the list here.) We work closely with our assessors to make sure that they are well-trained and reliable in the assessments that they do. Assessors may also be asked to write summary reports and to give feedback to teachers.

Our infant/toddler and pre-k teacher coaches must be highly knowledgeable about developmentally appropriate practice, early literacy, and the HighScope curriculum.

We are also looking to build our support team for elementary teachers, preferably through former teachers skilled in the practices of Responsive Classroom.

We occasionally have need for outside trainers in various areas relevant to high quality early childhood. We prefer a working knowledge of HighScope (for birth to pre-k) or Responsive Classroom (for elementary level).

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