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Responsive Classrooms

What distinguishes a Responsive Classroom?

If you stop by a Reponsive Classroom, the first thing you might notice is that it feels like a community. Teachers and children interact with ease and respect. It's a comfortable atmosphere—and it's obvious there's lots of learning going on as well.

Below are just some of the features that you might see:

• Welcoming features that draw children in, including children's names in many places, soft_________.

• Morning Meeting, where everyone gathers to start the day with greetings, sharing, a group activity, and a morning message.

• Posted rules that the students help create.

• Evidence of teacher-structured academic choices for students to do their work.

• Students engaged in a variety of academic activities.

• Students sharing their ideas through brainstroming, small and large group discussions, and reflections on their experiences.

• A wide variety of materials for students to use in varied ways.

• Students working independently.


• Students working collaboratively.

• Students' work is the primary focus of classroom displays.

• Furnishings that are flexible to accommodate large and small group interactions, as well as independent work.

• Places for relaxed work, for quiet and more formal work, for working on projects, and for taking time out. 

• Labeled materials, equipment, and areas to help students find and return things independently.  


• Posted hopes and dreams that the students have for their year. 

• A list of songs, activities, and Morning Meeting greetings that the students have learned.

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2007 - Fall Semester Ivy Tech  (PreK)

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